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Nissan's Ariya electric crossover will debut July 15, new teaser video released

The new Ariya should look just like the concept car from 2019, and it might be the hit that Nissan is looking for.

The production Ariya should look nearly identical to the 2019 concept car.

We've been pretty sure that Nissan has been cooking up an electric SUV based on its Ariya concept from the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show for a while now. We've even seen leaked patent drawings, but what we didn't have was confirmation from Nissan that it was real or when it might debut.

That changed in mid-June when the Japanese carmaker announced that the production version of the Ariya would debut in July, and now we have a concrete debut date of July 15. 

Nissan on Wednesday released a new teaser video and image, giving us a better look at the crossover, and it looks basically identical to the 2019 concept car. It's got cool LED headlights and a full-width light bar at the rear, and the orange/copper color is giving us first-gen Infiniti FX vibes.

What else do we know about it? Pretty much nothing, but given the state of Nissan's finances at the moment, we can make some assumptions.

We're betting that the Ariya will feature a slightly hotter version of the Leaf Plus' drivetrain, probably with somewhat less range owing to the poorer aerodynamics of a crossover. It'll likely also have Nissan's latest and greatest iteration of its ProPilot suite (which we have liked in the past) and, finally, its new "Shield grille" will likely be the face of Nissan EVs going forward.

We'd also strongly suspect that a great deal is riding on the success of this EV for the beleaguered automaker. Still, given the public's appetite for crossovers, the sales success of the Leaf as an affordable EV and the generally good design of newly refreshed models like the Rogue, Nissan at least has a shot.

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First published June 24.