This is likely the next Nissan Rogue

Pictures from a filing with Brazil's Ministry of Economics probably show what's in store for the next Rogue, called the X-Trail in other markets.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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Potential Nissan Rogue trademark image

It's hard to hide the fact this is a Nissan.

Brazil Ministry of Economy

Well, well, well, it looks like we may have an official -- if very gray -- look at the next Nissan Rogue.

These photos appeared along with a filing submitted with Brazil's Ministry of Economy (PDF). In Brazil, the Japanese automaker doesn't sell the Rogue, but instead, the identical SUV is named the X-Trail. Based on all available information, the X-Trail and Rogue will continue to share a design, but not a name.

Even without extra information, it's easy to tell this is a Nissan. The V-shaped grille is on full display, and the round portion in the center of the grille is clearly where the Nissan logo will sit. The headlights also follow the automaker's latest design trend with a very angled look -- much like the latest Altima and Sentra

Potential Nissan Rogue trademark image

Looking a bit more rugged than before.

Brazil Ministry of Economy

The rear profile looks a lot like the current Rogue with some evolutionary parts. The taillight shape is awfully familiar, and it's even easier to see little portions of the badge that mimic the Nissan logo. One interesting bit of the design is the rear's chin, which underscores the hatchback and part of the taillights.

Nissan simply told Roadshow that it "regularly files patents, registrations and trademarks for creative properties that may or may not be used for future products and or services."

The next Rogue was always rumored to take on a bit of a boxier look than the current model, as buyers continue to prefer SUVs to passenger cars, and these basic images certainly underscore that notion. We'll likely see the model debut sometime this year, but as the new coronavirus continues to wipe auto shows off the calendar, it seems like a digital debut is in the cards.

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