Nissan Super Bowl ad features 2023 Z sports car and Eugene Levy

The Japanese automaker's latest Super Bowl commercial should offer all the thrills and chills of a Hollywood action movie.

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Just like Kia, on Monday, Nissan teased its upcoming Super Bowl commercial. Unlike its South Korean competitor, however, this spot does not star a cute robotic dog. Instead, it will be reminiscent of an action movie trailer and prominently feature the redesigned 2023 Nissan Z sports car, the perfect vehicle for this sort of energetic ad.

With the title of Thrill Driver, this commercial has an A-list cast including celebrities like Eugene Levy, Danai Gurira and Dave Bautista. Brie Larson, a Nissan brand ambassador, will also play a role. Ahead of the spot's debut on Feb. 13 during the big game, Nissan released two short teasers, one about 30 seconds long, the other roughly 15 seconds. These clips are chockablock with explosions, dramatic music and all the special effects of a Hollywood blockbuster.

In this upcoming commercial, Levy stars as an action hero called Dragon, a dude with flowing gray locks and tattoos on his fingers. Fittingly, he drives a bright-yellow Z, which, at one point, appears to face off against a hilariously modified F-Body , though it's hard to tell. Make sure to watch both teasers to see for yourself.

You can check out Nissan's latest Super Bowl commercial during -- surprise, surprise -- Super Bowl LVI, which goes down next month. The Los Angeles Rams are set to battle the Cincinnati Bengals in LA. The Japanese automaker's latest ad likely won't be anywhere near as cute as Kia's, but it could be a lot more interesting.

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