New Mercedes-AMG SL will boast AWD and be an AMG-only machine

Big changes for the SL are in store, and we got a look at the car undergoing winter testing.

Gotta make sure the soft top works in the snow.

Come one, come all and feast your eyes on the latest round of photos showing the next-generation Mercedes-AMG SL. The German automaker promised big changes for the next SL, and boy are we getting them, because along with the photos, the brand confirmed the next SL will be a 2-plus-2 configuration and sport all-wheel drive.

The changes come after Mercedes-Benz confirmed its AMG arm will wholly handle development of this new SL, which itself was a turning point for the iconic convertible. Essentially, the car is meant to cover what the old SL handled, and the now-departed SLC-Class roadster. In turn, the AMG SL should be a tad smaller, lighter and will sport a folding soft-top roof, as seen in the new photos.

Overall, the goal is to return the SL to its "sporting roots." Over the decades, the SL sort of lost its charm noting it dates all the way back to the lovely gullwinged 300 SL from the middle of last century. This latest car will try to recapture some of the love, but don't expect gullwing doors again. What we see here are prototypes on their final round of winter testing, according to AMG, so we're drawing close to seeing the final product.

Expect a slew of EQ-branded and electrified powertrains to fill out the new SL's options list, but a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 should also make the cut as well. We could even see a plug-in hybrid model. We'll keep you in the loop as the company inches closer to showing off the reborn SL.