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New Hyundai Ioniq EVs spearhead automaker's electrified vehicle push through 2022

Come 2022, Hyundai will have 10 vehicles on sale with some sort of electrification.

From left to right, the Ioniq 6, Ioniq 7 and Ioniq 5.

Electrification is happening all around us, especially at Hyundai. While some automakers go all-in on EVs, Hyundai is taking the variety approach and announced Wednesday it plans for 10 electrified cars on sale in just two years. Reminder, "electrified" can mean anything from a hybrid powertrain to a battery-electric car.

And that's exactly what this electrification push includes. Hybrids, plug-in hybrids, electric cars and fuel cell vehicles are all a part of the plans, according to the automaker's latest commitment. Most of these vehicles we already know about, though. The hybrids include the new 2021 Elantra, Sonata and Tucson. The plug-in hybrid group comes in the form of the Tucson and Santa Fe. The Nexo will continue to hold down the hydrogen fuel cell fort. The biggest piece of the puzzle comes from Ioniq.

Earlier this year, Hyundai announced plans to spin off the Ioniq name into its own brand and we know the automaker has three Ioniq-branded vehicles in the pipeline. Two of them will be here by 2022 -- the Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6. Right now, they're better known as the Hyundai 45 concept and Hyundai Prophecy concept. The first will be a crossover/hatchback sort of thing with some seriously throwback design. The second EV will hopefully follow the Prophecy concept very closely because I think it's gorgeous. These two cars will begin Hyundai's turning point to more EVs, no matter how they look. In 2024, a large Ioniq SUV will come, for example.

Hyundai won't be alone in this electrified push. Numerous rival automakers have big EV plans, including, but certainly not limited to, General Motors and Volkswagen. May the best EV builder come out on top.