Next Honda Fit teased though US prospects aren't jazzy

Honda of Europe teased the tiny hatchback, called the Jazz there, and the US division is keeping quiet.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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Fourth-generation Honda Fit teaser

Don't leave us, dear Fit.


Feast your eyes on the first image we have of the next-generation Honda Fit. Or, if you're reading from somewhere else around the world, you know this hatchback as the Honda Jazz. Despite a peachy outlook for the subcompact car, the music may stop for the Fit in the US.

Honda on Wednesday offered zero indication that this fourth-generation car will make its way to the US. Currently, the Fit rounds out the Honda portfolio as its smallest offering, though it's mighty spacious despite its size. When asked about the car's US prospects, Honda declined to comment. With subcompact cars hardly a top seller here, though, it seems more likely that the Fit will be shown the door.

In the teaser release, Honda confirmed that the car will be a dedicated hybrid model in Europe. There will not be a straight gasoline-only option, in other words. The car will use the automaker's two-motor hybrid system. Aside from that nugget of information, Honda has kept other details fairly generic. Previously, the company said the car will retain its spacious-for-its-size interior and flexible seating arrangement.

As for its looks, the shadowy photo hides things well, but the Fit appears to be getting a friendlier face with what looks like larger headlights and fewer angles.

The versatile Fit is a favorite of some Roadshow staff, and it'd be a shame to see it leave us. But so far, it looks like we'll need to prepare for such an event. In any case, we'll see the fourth-gen Fit/Jazz make its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month.

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