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A Subcompact SUV May Be in Acura's Future

With its MDX and RDX models getting larger and larger, the Japanese luxury brand's next big idea could be small.

2022 Acura RDX
Acura may be toying with the idea of building an SUV that's smaller than the RDX.

Acura currently has two SUVs in its portfolio, the midsize RDX and the larger three-row MDX. Both models are solid, well-respected offerings, but given the raging popularity of utility vehicles these days, the premium Japanese brand could be considering an expansion of its lineup. As reported by WardsAuto on Tuesday, Acura product planners may be developing a subcompact SUV.

With trimmer dimensions and likely a commensurately lower price tag, this new vehicle would compete with models like the Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Lexus' NX. Of course, company representatives are always cagey about discussing future product plans, but Acura vice president and brand officer Jon Ikeda told WardsAuto, "We have to feed the funnel." Read into that comment what you will, but it sure seems like he's hinting they're looking to cast a wider net.

By offering a smaller SUV, Acura could appeal to customers that don't need a big, honkin' vehicle. The 2022 RDX, for example, is 187.4 inches long and rolls on a 108.3-inch wheelbase. That makes the latest version of this family-hauler nearly 7 inches lengthier than the first-gen model that came out back in 2007. The wheelbase has also been stretched by a not-insignificant 4 inches. Naturally, the larger MDX has grown even more.

The three-row MDX has grown significantly over the years. 

Steven Ewing/Roadshow

With its longstanding SUVs getting bigger and bigger, it seems there's definitely room for this brand to expand its model lineup, to offer a downsized utility vehicle, though this may not happen in the immediate future. For the time being, it sounds like Acura has its hands full. "Our 100% focus is on launching Integra," said Ikeda. "Then we'll see where we can go."

If Acura decides to enter the subcompact SUV fray, it would need a name for this future product. Based on trademarks, the brand is currently sitting on a couple viable candidates, ADX and CDX, though it's far too early to speculate about names before a vehicle has even been announced.

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