RIP Morgan EV3, the electric 3-Wheeler of our dreams

Despite this setback, Morgan still believes its future is electric.

With its super low stance and open-front-wheel design, the Morgan 3-Wheeler -- and by extension, this EV3 -- is one of the coolest road-going machines around.

The Morgan Three-Wheeler is what's known, in highly technical terms, as a Really Cool Car. Morgan got our hearts aflutter when it announced plans to bring an electric version to market, but according to new super-duper-sad reports, the so-called EV3 isn't likely to ever go on sale.

"Our current EV powertrain supplier is no longer able to fulfill the project within the terms of the contract," Morgan's managing director, Steve Morris, told Autocar in an interview this week. That said, Morris insists Morgan is "absolutely committed to an electric future."

Frazer-Nash Energy Systems is the supplier in question, Morris telling Autocar he had "expected Frazer-Nash to deliver a turn-key powertrain for the EV3."

A spokesperson for Frazer-Nash, meanwhile, told Autocar the agreement failed "for a number of contractual reasons."

The Morgan EV3 first debuted at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, and we saw a very special -- and very, very cool -- UK 1909 Selfridges edition at the Swiss expo in 2017. The EV3 replaces the standard Three-Wheeler's 2.0-liter V-twin motorcycle engine with a liquid-cooled electric motor that produces about 62 horsepower. That doesn't sound like a lot, but keep in mind this contraption only weighs about 1,100 pounds. And with instant electric torque and your butt only a few inches off the road, we imagine it'd be a hell of a hilarious toy.

Sadly, we may never know.