Morgan EV3 UK 1909 Selfridges is an electrified steampunk special edition

Bewitching three-wheeler gets EV power, custom apparel for Geneva Motor Show debut.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET
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The automotive industry loves to co-create special models with lifestyle brands. They just can't help themselves. Some prove to be successful relationships -- Ford's many Eddie Bauer edition SUVs come to mind -- while others become punchlines. (AMC Gremlin Levi's Edition or Mercury Villager Nautica, anyone?) One new such tie-up seems destined for greatness, albeit on a very limited scale.

At Wednesday's Geneva Motor Show, the throwback motoring specialists at Morgan revealed a new version of their forthcoming EV3 trike, the UK 1909 Selfridges edition. If you're not an Anglophile, you may not be aware that Selfridges is a venerated department store brand that's been around since 1909. Appropriately enough, so has Morgan Motors, meaning this co-produced special edition makes a lot of temporal sense.

As if anyone needed more excuses to get excited about the EV3, Morgan's first-ever electric vehicle, this special model includes four sizable driving lights that give it a cool, spider-like countenance, as well as slick, functional brass detailing that includes cooling fins for the battery pack.


Cigar-shaped elemental motoring at its finest.

Andrew Hoyle/Roadshow

The EV3's liquid-cooled electric motor delivers around 62 horsepower, which doesn't sound like much, but given how small and light this carbon composite three-wheeler is (around 1,100 pounds), it's plenty. With the pavement just below your back pockets and inches away on either side, even modest speeds feel fast in cars like this, and a 0-to-60 mph time of under 9 seconds should be entertaining indeed. Range is pegged at 120 to 150 miles, which means that even if you've got a long commute to work, you can still make it there and back in iconoclastic style.

To further sell the whole Red-Baron-for-the-road aesthetic, Morgan and Selfridges have also commissioned a collection of vintage-look clothing that can only be purchased if you own a Morgan three-wheeler. There's even a matching Globetrotter suitcase that fits on the UK 1909 edition's rear rack, ideal for stowing your Belstaff waxed cotton jacket, Linda Farrow bronze goggles and Alexander McQueen skinny driving scarf.

We're ready to go back to the future with this steampunk special, so how about bringing it to America, Morgan?