Morgan Three Wheeler: Proper motoring

Arguably, the Morgan Three Wheeler introduced motoring to the masses of the Great Britain in the early 20th century. It was small, easy to fix, and cheap, so people bought them in droves.

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Watch this: Morgan's Three Wheeler is pure old school fun

In the 1950s the Morgan Three Wheeler went out of production thanks to lack of interest and lack of steel (blame WWII for that one), leaving Morgan to concentrate on four-wheeled motor cars. That is until 2011, when the company revealed a Three Wheeler for the modern age.

This time round it was to be a fun car, an indulgence for those with the readies. It cost 30,000 pounds off the bat, and the car has a myriad of options to drive that cost up. In essence, the thing that used to be a mainstay of movement has now become a plaything for those with the cash. Much like horses, when you think about it.

However, horses are big, slow, need feeding, and poo rather a lot. Morgan Three Wheelers do need feeding and the odd bit of maintenance, but that's about it. I also think they're more fun...

Its 2.0-litre S&S V-Twin motorcycle engine pushes out 110bhp, not masses of power, but more than enough to get the featherweight M3W to 62 mph in less than five seconds and on to 120 mph. Because you're sitting so low even 30 mph feels like lightspeed, so speed demons will enjoy it.

Morgan 3 Wheeler fun on a kart track

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Thanks to its massive front wheels you can see where the car is at any given moment, though they can give the illusion that it's wider than it really is.

With one drive wheel at the back it's easy to get some nice, squeally starts going. It's also easy to get the dinky Morgan around a corner with its bum out. Wang the power on and...wheeeeeee, you're off looking like a hero.

I found it to be a touch understeery when you're "on it," so your approach to a serious bend at speed needs to be taken with some care. It's a car that you need to learn how to drive before you try and exploit its best, but once you've nailed it, the Morgan will crawl under your skin and stay there.

Its gearbox deserves some recognition. Lifted from the always-awesome Mazda MX-5, it provides a slick, simple change that's rewarding and makes you feel like you know what you're doing.

The M3W isn't a practical car at all. There is a "boot" of sorts, but it's only really big enough to store the cockpit's tonneau cover and half a baguette. This ain't a car for long distance touring. That said, it's remarkably comfortable on the motorway.

If you want a car that's rather distinctive, quick, and a damn good giggle, the Morgan Three Wheeler is a quirky alternative to the usual Caterham fare. You'll probably have more fun in one, too.

Engine 2.0-litre V-Twin
Power 110 bhp
Torque 100 lb. ft.
0-60 mph 4.5 seconds
Top speed    120 mph