Next-gen Mitsubishi Outlander headlines surprise slew of new cars coming

Mitsubishi hasn't forgotten about the US and four models are in for significant updates, starting in late 2020.

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Sean Szymkowski
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2021 Mitsubishi Mirage

"Don't you forget about me."


While rumors swirl about future in the US and North America in general, it appears the Japanese automaker isn't going anywhere.

On Tuesday, Mitsubishi announced that four vehicles are in for big updates. The most notable of them all is a next-generation , set to debut around this time next year. Without sharing finer details, the company said the 2022 Outlander will be "bigger, bolder and better" and boast "game-changing" elements.

For something to please the Outlander faithful in the near future, the Outlander Plug-in Hybrid is in for some changes. We'll see the PHEV SUV on sale in late 2020 with a totally new powertrain that pumps out more horsepower and more electric range. Right now, the SUV goes 22 miles on electricity alone. Updates will extend to the various trim levels, too, so we'll likely see more standard equipment and an updated roster of options.

Mitsu's smaller crossover, the , will be a carryover for 2021 after some styling tweaks made for the current model. But really, the car needs a total redo.

Mitsubishi Mirage gets a new face

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Come the first quarter of 2021, we'll also two other models get substantial updates. Well, three if you split the into its sedan and hatchback variants. The sedan and standard Mirage hatch will receive the previously unconfirmed design updates Mitsubishi made official for other countries last November. The updates honestly make the car look pretty good and it should remain an inexpensive little thing. Today, the starting price comes in just under $15,000.

Alongside the Mirage models, the Eclipse Cross is due for freshening at the same time. Don't expect powertrain changes, but the exterior and interior designs will see updates. Specifically, the exterior changes will be "major," according to the automaker and the interior will get a new infotainment system.

Clearly, Mitsubishi still has a place in North America amid the automaker's alliance partners' restructure. The Japanese automaker works alongside and France's Renault at a global scale, and the two recently sorted out a more defined strategy as to which countries each operates in. It wouldn't be surprising to see the next Outlander share more than a few components with Nissan.

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