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The Mitsubishi Mirage is getting a new face

It's going to take a lot of cues from the Outlander Sport.

Refreshed Mitsubishi Mirage
That's not an awful front face so far.

If you want cheap wheels, the Mitsubishi Mirage is a good place to start, with its $14,790 price after a $995 destination charge. It's also one of the most fuel-efficient nonhybrid cars out there. After years of straying from the brand's corporate face, the Mirage is about to get a much-needed facelift.

The automaker showed the first teaser image of the updated Mirage on Wednesday. From it, we can see a fascia that takes a whole lot of inspiration from the Outlander Sport crossover with its two swooping chrome lines and a thin grille. Quite frankly, it doesn't look half bad.

The photo also shows what Mitsubishi calls the Mirage G4 here in the US, or the sedan model. The Mirage minus the "G4" is a hatchback. From the dark teaser, it looks like the rear end will look pretty similar, but perhaps we'll see an updated taillight design or something.

Mitsubishi did not confirm the new Mirage would be sold in the US, but a representative told Roadshow "the Mirage is a global design." More than likely, we'll see this subcompact reach our shores again.

The company didn't offer any other details along with the teaser, but underscored the Mirage and Mirage G4 are pretty important to it. Around the world, Mitsubishi sold 140,000 Mirage models last year. We'll see the updated car bow on Nov. 18 in Thailand.

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