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Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer concept is a boxy plug-in hybrid crossover

Named after a ski resort, the concept has a 43-mile all-electric range.

Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer concept
The crossover's design is reminiscent of the earlier GT-PHEV concept.

Mitsubishi's weirdly named and weirdly styled crossover concept made its official debut Tuesday at the Geneva Motor Show. Called the Engelberg Tourer, the new model appears to be inspired by the look of Mitsubishi's GT-PHEV concept.

With a boxy shape, an enormous grille and vertically stacked lights on either side of the nose, the Engelberg Tourer makes a strong first impression. It has massive show-car wheels and additional lights atop the roof, as well as a forward-sloped D-pillar. As for functionality, the Engelberg Tourer has skid plates front and rear and an opening roof box up top.

The crossover's name comes from a Swiss ski resort, and fittingly the Mitsubishi is thus pitched as an active-lifestyle vehicle. It "encourages family and friends to go further together," the company says, and offers plentiful cargo room. There are three rows of seats inside to make transporting said family and friends possible.

The concept has a plug-in-hybrid powertrain good for 43 miles of all-electric driving.


Power comes from a plug-in hybrid system with up to 43 miles of all-electric range, with twin electric motors and a 2.4-liter gasoline engine. To improve handling, the Mitsubishi uses Active Yaw Control and brake-based Super All-Wheel Control to fine-tune how much power goes to each wheel. There are not, however, any specifics on the car's power ratings or battery capacities.

We wouldn't be surprised to see elements of the Engelberg Tourer's design in future Mitsubishi crossovers. And given the success of the existing Outlander PHEV, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to imagine that such a model might use a plug-in hybrid powertrain like this concept, too.