Mercedes to reveal next-gen S-Class, new A-Class concept in Shanghai

New York isn't the only auto show taking place this month.

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Mercedes-Benz may have unveiled the Mercedes-AMG GLC63 at the New York Auto Show , but the German automaker made sure to save two other cars for Shanghai.

Mercedes-Benz will unveil two new vehicles at the Shanghai Motor Show next week. The first is a midcycle refresh of the S-Class flagship sedan.

There's a teaser, but it doesn't reveal much. The headlights' running lights are different, with three distinct lines of LEDs spanning the width of the light fixture. The front grille looks new, as well, and it appears that the lower front fascia has been revised.

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I'm digging those running lights.


Not only will the standard S-Class sedan debut in Shanghai, but there will be two performance variants bowing, as well -- the V8-powered Mercedes-AMG S63, as well as the S65, a V12-packing behemoth of torque. If you crank up the teaser image's contrast, a "Maybach" badge appears in the grille, so a Mercedes-Maybach variant might make an appearance too.

Another first-time debut in Shanghai is the Concept A Sedan, which will preview the future of Mercedes-Benz's compact offerings. The A-Class is a hatchback that is not currently offered in the US. Instead, we get the CLA-Class, which replaces the hatchback with a coupe-inspired roofline. The CLA-Class is only three model years old, which seems a bit early for a new generation, so it's not clear if the Concept A Sedan will reflect any changes to US models, at least for now.

If you're interested in checking out these debuts, you can watch the April 19 unveiling on Mercedes-Benz's livestream site.

Some other China-specific debuts taking place in Shanghai: Mercedes-Benz will trot out its refreshed GLA-Class crossover, as well as the AMG -43 variants of the GLC-Class, C-Class and E-Class.

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