Mercedes CLA-Class lets a headlight peek out ahead of CES 2019 debut

Most of the car's tapered-roof silhouette remains hidden, though.

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Andrew Krok
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In case you were concerned, you can rest easy knowing that the next iteration of the  will have at least one headlight.

Mercedes-Benz last week published a new teaser for its CLA-Class replacement, which is due to bow at CES 2019 next week. The video shows a blinking LED running light up front, and the same roofline that we saw in the first teaser. Thus, we can confirm that the car has (at least) one headlight. In all likelihood, it'll have two.

While we have to wait for CES to kick off next week to learn anything else about the CLA-Class replacement, we can probably glean a fair bit of information from the new model that preceded it, the A-Class Sedan. On the styling front, the CLA-Class will sacrifice some second-row space for a roof that has a more coupe-like taper to it, but otherwise, it should look pretty similar to the A-Class Sedan inside and out.

Speaking of inside, that's where the biggest benefit to the CLA-Class is expected. Not only will it feature improved materials that are actually worthy of the automaker's three-pointed star, but it will also sport MBUX, Mercedes-Benz's newest infotainment system. It's a smart, capable system, offering new input methods including an AI-based assistant that can respond to natural language commands.

The CLA-Class isn't the only thing Mercedes-Benz has in store for CES 2019. It will also feature the US debut of the EQC electric SUV and the Vision Urbanetic concept, the latter of which might be the coolest electric van you'll ever see. Keep your eyes peeled to Roadshow next week for all the CES coverage your brain can handle.

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