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Mercedes-Benz electric scooter coming in early 2020

The German luxury brand didn't make a big splash about the scooter, but it actually debuted in Frankfurt.

Mercedes-Benz Electric Scooter
The fanciest electric scooter in all the land? Maybe.

Mercedes-Benz fans had a few vehicles to appreciate at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, but there was one that didn't get any attention at all. The German luxury marque ever so quietly also announced an electric scooter coming next year.

Buried within an announcement detailing accessories coming from the Mercedes-Benz brand, parent automaker Daimler said it will launch its first electric scooter in early 2020. The automaker did not provide details about range, price or any of the finer things. What we do know is the company partnered with Swiss scooter maker Micro to make it happen.

The electric scooter will be co-branded, with both the Micro logo and the Mercedes-Benz star. More specifically, the German company is calling the electric scooter a part of its EQ family. The EQ badge represents the brand's electric cars -- the first of which being the EQC electric crossover.

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The EQ range will eventually include an EQA small car, the production EQV electric van and Mercedes-Benz showed off the EQS sedan concept at the Frankfurt show, too.

Do note the scooter isn't intended for the US market and Daimler plans to market the machine as a last- or first-mile kind of transportation. If the city center is far too crowded for typical automobile transportation, park the car and simply bust out the e-scooter to take you the rest of the way.

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