Mercedes-Benz car subscription program heading to Nashville, Philadelphia

These pilot programs will start in June.

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and Mercedes-Benz are long-time rivals, and they're about to square off in an entirely new arena -- subscription programs.

Mercedes-Benz will launch pilots for its car subscription program in both Nashville and Philadelphia. BMW also happens to be launching its subscription in Nashville. Looks like there's a storm a-brewin'. Mercedes' programs kick off in June.

When it launches, Mercedes-Benz Collection will offer multiple pricing tiers, each offering a variety of vehicles. Like BMW's program, there will be access to high-performance vehicles, as well. Collection doesn't have any mileage limitations, and users will rely on an app to secure reservations.

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You didn't think you'd be sliding into something like this for just a few bucks a month, did you?


If that concerns dealers, it shouldn't. According to Automotive News, dealers will be included in the program, offering up services like vehicle delivery and helping to both store and maintain the fleet.

Mercedes-Benz has not yet announced pricing, but it's likely to be priced similarly to its competitors. Access by BMW starts at $2,000 per month, with its performance cars locked behind a $3,700-per-month price tag. Book by Cadillac, which offers a similar service, is a bit less expensive at $1,800 per month, but it's on par with Porsche Passport, which also starts at $2,000.

The idea of subscribing to a fleet of vehicles is definitely more palatable to folks who don't have the time (or perhaps the parking space) to accommodate traditional vehicle ownership. Having access to a fleet means you don't have to worry about maintenance, insurance or even keeping the darn thing clean. And since a wide variety of vehicle types are on offer, you can rock a crossover during weekly duties while sneaking time in something sportier on the weekends.

Does the idea of a car subscription appeal to you? You're in luck -- we've written the definitive guide to car subscription programs, and we update it every time something new is announced. Give 'er a read. 

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