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McLaren teases new GT again, debut set for May 15

McLaren says it'll share DNA with the 250-mph Speedtail.

If those taillights get any thinner, they'll disappear.

While we're still not quite sure where McLaren's upcoming grand tourer will live in its lineup, we do know that the teasers coming out of Woking are very, very promising.

McLaren on Tuesday issued a new teaser for its future GT car. Whereas the first teaser showed off a great deal of the car's silhouette and front end, it's time to take in the tuchus. The back end has a shape that's evocative of both the 570S and 720S, although it appears some of the more extreme elements have been toned down -- GTs are all about livability, after all. There's still a big ol' wing back there, integrated into the body work, and the size of the tailpipes hint that this should make just as much glorious noise as its siblings.

But that's not all! McLaren also gave us a video teaser that shows off even more of the car's details. While there isn't much that couldn't be surmised from the first teaser of a camouflaged car on a country road, it reaffirms that this is going to be one attractive coupe.

We don't know much else about McLaren's latest car. McLaren says the car shares some of its DNA with the 250-mph Speedtail. That might mean clever tech like the Speedtail's "flexible" body panels, or it might mean they share some powertrain bits, we're not entirely sure. Nevertheless, that's one hell of a car with which to share anything.

Then again, there isn't much longer of a waiting period before McLaren dishes all the deets. The automaker confirmed that the GT's debut will take place on May 15 at 5 a.m. PT.