McLaren's new grand tourer shows off its shapely body

The camouflage will start to come off on April 30.


During the Geneva Motor Show in March, McLaren announced its plans to launch a new GT car. The "McLaren of Grand Tourers" was initially teased wearing heavy camouflage, but now, the coupe's striptease has officially begun. McLaren's new GT is out and about in a trio of images released Wednesday, and it's showing off its curves.

Discussions 'round the Roadshow water cooler suggested this car might just be a 720S-based grand tourer -- think 720GT, in the way the 570GT exists alongside the 570S. But from what we can see in these photos, it appears this grand tourer is actually something quite different.

The GT's slim headlights look great.


First and foremost, check out the sleeker headlamps, which appear to be far more attractive than what you'll find on the 570 and 720. Move around to the back and you'll see the rakish roofline, likely made up of a large, glass hatchback, similar to the 570GT. Slim, horizontal, LED taillamps flank the wide rear, and the car's exhaust outlets are placed low, beneath the bumper -- a big change from the between-the-taillights outlets of the 720S, or the ultra-cool, top-exit pipes of the 600LT.

McLaren isn't confirming any of the GT's details just yet, not even the car's name. When the GT was first announced in March, the automaker only said the grand tourer would "share its DNA with the 250-mph McLaren Speedtail." Given the impressive numbers that hypercar puts down, I'm expecting good things.

The GT will debut sometime in the coming months and McLaren says the camouflage will start to come off on April 30. In the meantime, McLaren invites all of us to follow along on its website.

The GT's exhaust pipes are situated low, beneath the bumper, unlike those on the 720S.