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McLaren's next Longtail coming on Jan. 16

We're pretty sure this one's the 600LT Spider.

McLaren Longtail Teaser
Top-exit exhausts. Swoon.

McLaren's Longtail cars bring substantial improvements over the models on which they're based. With more power, less weight and better aerodynamics, the LT models prove to be a really special breed.

Following the launch of the 600LT coupe last year, McLaren announced Wednesday that it'll debut its next Longtail model next week. In addition to releasing the teaser image seen here, McLaren says we'll see its next LT car on Wednesday, Jan. 16.

Now, McLaren's statement doesn't give any specific details to what model this is, but we'll put our money on it being the 600LT Spider. After all, that rear clip -- not to mention the incredibly cool, top-exit exhausts -- are straight from the coupe. McLaren transformed its previous 675LT Coupe into the 675LT Spider with relative ease, so a 600LT Spider kind of seems like a no-brainer.

We'll know more in just a few days.