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Mazda's new SUV for Geneva might be the CX-4

The CX-4 was unveiled in 2016, but in its current form, it's only available in China.

This teaser has just the right amount of mystery.

You might think that Mazda's SUV lineup is pretty comprehensive, covering just about every segment possible, but a new teaser proves there's always room for one more.

Mazda put out a teaser on Tuesday for a new SUV that will debut at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Mazda didn't give it a name, but it did say that it would have the latest engines Mazda has on offer, including the compression-ignition Skyactiv-X engine.

The teaser offers a very dark look at this new SUV. The roofline appears to taper off more like a coupe, and the lights are mounted high, leaving little room for rear glass. That leads us to believe that this could be the Mazda CX-4, which debuted in Beijing in 2016 and is only sold in China at the moment. It's basically a coupe-like variant of the CX-5. Think of it as Mazda's take on a BMW X4.

Mazda also has some other debuts in store for Geneva, although it's nothing new to the US. It'll show off the MX-5 30th Anniversary edition, which will debut this week at the Chicago Auto Show. Press days for the Geneva Motor Show kick off on Mar. 5.