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Mazda readies CX-4 crossover for Beijing Motor Show debut

New crossover will be exclusive to the Chinese market at launch, but Mazda will consider bringing it to other markets later on.


Mazda's family of crossovers will grow when the Japanese automaker debuts the new CX-4 next month at the Beijing Motor Show. Based on the Koeru concept that was shown last fall at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the CX-4 should look sleeker and ride lower to the ground for a sportier handling characteristics compared to Mazda's current crop of crossovers that includes the CX-3, CX-5 and CX-9.

In Frankfurt, the Koeru looked fleshed out and nearly production ready with its blacked-out A-pillars creating a floating roof illusion to give it a svelter appearance. The Koeru also wore the latest iteration of Mazda's "Kodo: Soul of Motion" design language with a Mazda6-like front end that features a large, heptagonal grille, and light fixtures that resemble that of the CX-3 and CX-5.

Official powertrain details for the CX-4 still aren't available, but it's safe to expect Mazda's latest fuel-efficient SkyActiv equipment to be present under the hood. We'll surely know more about the mechanicals next month.

If the prospect of a lower-slung Mazda crossover sounds interesting, you're in for a bit of disappointment, as Automotive News is reporting that the CX-4 will be produced and sold only in China when it launches. However, the company is said to be mulling the possibility of bringing it to other markets later on.

When reached for comment, Mazda North American spokesman Jeremy Barnes couldn't elaborate on the prospects of the CX-4 landing in the States. "While we are always evaluating new segments in which Mazda does not currently compete in the US market, we do not comment on future products, so can neither confirm nor deny whether the Mazda CX-4 is slated to come to the US," he said. Given how hot the crossover market is here, I wouldn't be surprised to eventually see the CX-4 in showrooms here some time down the road.