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Maserati MC20 reveal: Watch the new sports car debut here

Today, we welcome a new mid-engine sports car into the world.

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Happy Maserati MC20 day, everyone. It's finally here. This is Maserati's new sports car. Well, with 621 horsepower, perhaps this pushes the supercar button instead.

You can read all about the MC20 right here.

Maserati initially planned to reveal the the MC20 this past May, but scrapped plans as the coronavirus pandemic swept across the world. We then learned the car would make a digital debut in September. And here we are. 

The MC20 will carry the brand's racing heritage forward and will offer both a traditional internal-combustion engine setup and a purely electric powertrain. No details on the electric version yet, but a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 provides power for the traditional car. And it's a completely in-house engine at that.