Lucid EV startup inks LG Chem partnership for batteries

The Air electric sedan will boast LG Chem battery cells as the company prepares for mass production.

Do you like Robocop? Then you'll love the Lucid Air's front fascia.
Lucid Motors

Things are getting very real for Lucid Motors, the electric car startup seemingly prepared to challenge the market for a sliver of Tesla's glory. Ahead of the debut of its first vehicle, the Air, and production later this year, the company said on Monday it's partnered with LG Chem for battery cells.

With battery cells secured, Lucid can check another major hurdle to EV production off the list. LG Chem will supply its cells for until at least 2023 under the agreement. Most importantly, the deal holds the Lucid Air's production timeline -- late 2020 -- firmly in place.

Interestingly, the startup said these battery cells will power "standard" versions of the Air sedan. That leaves things wide open for the more publicized version of the electric car. The range-topping model should make around 1,000 horsepower and may go over 400 miles on a single charge. We also learned the company plans to launch the sedan with a special Dream Edition model to start, which will likely pack the range-topping specs.

Other agreements for various "special versions" of the Air will are yet to come, the company affirmed in its announcement.

Lucid doesn't plan to simply slap the cells in a pack and call it a day, though. Its engineers will work with the cells and optimize them for range, energy density and recharge rates among other areas. A compact battery pack with broad energy density is the goal.

We'll finally see the production Lucid Air debut in New York this coming April after years of development, and some setbacks for the startup company. Production will take place at an Arizona-based facility late this year.

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