Lotus SUV may wear Lambda name, report says

A Volvo platform could underpin the radical new model from the British sports car maker.

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2020 Lotus Evora GT
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2020 Lotus Evora GT

Yes, a Lotus SUV is highly likely. Yes, we live in a weird world.

Drew Phillips

All signs point to a Lotus SUV on the horizon as the company's new owner, China's Geely, injects a whopping sum of money to try to turn the brand into a real luxury and sports car challenger. Now, the rumor mill has something new for us to digest: The upcoming SUV may be called "Lambda."

Dutch publication AutoWeek reported on the name Thursday, citing unnamed sources that point to the Lambda nomenclature for the SUV. The name would be a pretty big shift from a company that's long stuck to the letter "E" for its vehicles, including its upcoming electric supercar, the Evija. Lotus declined to comment for this story.

The rumors continue to suggest the SUV will ride on SPA platform, which underpins the . If this rings true, a proposed deal for Volvos to power future Lotus vehicles seems all but confirmed. Right now, Lotus buys Toyota engines for its limited range of cars. Back in 2019, Volvo, which Geely also owns, proposed an engine deal with Lotus. The Swedish automaker could supply power for Lotus vehicles if both sides finalize the deal. We haven't heard a peep about the proposal in a year, though.

For Lotus, an SUV seems insane. This is a company that's made a name selling lightweight sports cars for its entire existence. But, amid years of trouble and falling sales, perhaps Geely and an SUV can help breathe new life into the British marque. We hope so, for Lotus' sake. And maybe we'll finally see a new in all of this, too.

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