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Lotus Evija electric supercar looks rad in red

The Evija's configurator is rolling out to customers and it's quite the technological marvel.

Lotus, after years of humming along, is ready to return with a wallop -- an all-electric 2,000-horsepower kind of wallop. That'd be the Lotus Evija, if you've missed the British sports-car manufacturer's latest in the past year.

As the company prepares for production to start late this year, lucky soon-to-be-owners started to receive the official configurator tool, Lotus said Wednesday. Not only did the announcement give us a look at three new colors for the Evija electric supercar, but the company also detailed the wild technology that powers the configurator.

The Evija is going to cost around $2 million to start, so no, buyers don't just go online and click a few options. Instead, each buyer receives a touchscreen configurator unit with a powerful graphics processor and even ray tracing. The latter helps a digital scene look mighty realistic with an algorithm to trace a light ray's path. The end result is a spectacular graphical image, which Lotus said will help buyers place their electric sports car in numerous digital worlds to get a first look at their new creation.

As for the colors, Lotus released photos of the Evija donning Atomic Red, but the attached video includes glimpses of Solaris Yellow and Carbon Black. The colors really help inject some personality into the Evija, which looks wild, but also a tad sterile in its debut silver hue.

After buyers make their final selections, Lotus will finalize the build specs before the car heads to production in Norfolk, England, in the months to come. And future owners will even receive a build book to document the car's build process from start to finish. It should make for a lovely coffee table piece.

The first production run is sold out, and Lotus said earlier this year it actually sold its entire run of 130 cars out over the coming waves of production. Unless the company decides to add more units, those who waited too long are, unfortunately, out of luck to own the British electric supercar.

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First published April 15.