Lincoln dealers tell brand they still want to sell sedans

The MKZ is dead, and the Continental doesn't appear to have a long life ahead of it, so what's next?

Nick Miotke/Roadshow

Yes, it's true sedans are a declining breed in a world where high seating positions and utility take precedent. But, there's still a market for the tried-and-true body style.

Tom Lynch, chairman of the Lincoln National Dealer Council, told Automotive News in an interview published Monday that the "sedan business is still a third of the business," so there are still a good chunk of buyers looking for something other than a crossover, SUV or pickup.

Lincoln dealers still absolutely want a piece of the pie, but it appears Lincoln may have other ideas. Earlier this month, Ford's luxury division said the MKZ midsize sedan will be no longer after this year. Rumors have also circulated for years that the Continental sedan isn't long for this world. Lincoln didn't immediately return a request for comment when asked about its future in the sedan business.

Lynch actually drew a parallel between sedans and Tesla. In his opinion, it's a matter of "strong product." If it's got the goods, "people are going to want it," he said. So far, however, no one has proven the ability to touch the Tesla cachet. 

Although the council he oversees continues to press Lincoln for future sedans, the chairman added he's not sure what the final picture will look like when it comes to a future Lincoln sedan. If you recall, Ford axed its entire passenger car portfolio to focus on utility vehicles. The only car left is the Mustang.

Even so, Lincoln has an exciting future ahead. The brand previously confirmed it will borrow a Rivian EV platform to build its first electric car. The brand told Roadshow in the past it wasn't ready to talk about what segment this EV will tackle, but judging by Rivian's focus on trucks and SUVs, don't expect an electric sedan.

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