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Lightning Electric motorcycles is set to go mass market with the Strike

Lightning is best known for its crazy-fast superbike, but an electric bike for the people might make it a household name.

Lightning sure isn't giving us much to go on with this teaser image for its forthcoming Strike motorcycle.
Lightning Motorcycles

Most people, if they're familiar with Lightning Motorcycles at all, know the company for its bonkers-fast LS-218 electric superbike with which it has set numerous speed records. Soon though, the company hopes it will become more of a household name with the introduction of the Lightning Strike.

The Lightning Strike -- announced Thursday -- is set to be the company's first foray into mass-produced motorcycles, and it packs some pretty impressive stats. According to Lightning's press release, the Strike will have a range of 150 miles, a 150-mile-per-hour top speed and a DC-fast charging time of just 35 minutes.

These specs all sound pretty impressive in isolation, but there's one more bit of information that makes the forthcoming Lightning Strike an exciting proposition: it's the price. Lightning tells us that the Strike will retail for $12,998 -- that makes this electric bike a full $16,801 cheaper than Harley-Davidson's Livewire.

If we were Harley right now, we'd be seriously concerned. The trick for Lightning will be building it at scale. Production numbers on the LS-218 are relatively small, and the company's press release makes no mention of a partner to build the Strike.

If the Strike takes off after its official unveiling in March, it will give Zero some real on-road competition, and electric motorcycle competition is something we at Roadshow can get behind.