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Lightning Motorcycles opens preorders for its Strike electric motorcycle

The bike hasn't even launched yet but the hype is palpable and Lightning says people are excited.

Lightning is opening its pre-order books for the not-yet-launched Strike, and we're curious to see how many people bite.
Lightning Motorcycles

Lightning Motorcycles revealed last week that it's bringing an affordable, fast and quick-charging electric motorcycle to market. This caused enough of a stir in the two-wheeled world that the company has decided to open reservations for the Strike, it announced Thursday.

If you're interested in plunking down some of your hard-earned cash on a bike you've never seen, you can do so in one of two different ways. The standard Strike motorcycle, which is set to retail for $12,998, commands a refundable deposit of just $500 with no clear availability date for the bike.

If you're more moneyed and adventurous, you can go all-in on the Lightning Strike Carbon Edition. This necessitates a $10,000 deposit but will come with all of the as-yet-unannounced option boxes ticked. These Carbon Edition bikes will also be first off of the production line.

Lightning hasn't provided much information about the strike beyond a few headline figures. But it's promised a 150 mile-per-hour top speed, a 150-mile range and a DC fast charging time of just 35 minutes.

If the company can pull all of that off at a price close to what it's advertising, it could just be the massive shock to the ticker that the motorcycle industry dearly needs right now. We'll know more when the Strike gets its full official unveiling in March.