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Lexus lunar mobility concepts shoot for the moon -- literally

Lexus designers came up with seven different concepts that imagine transportation on the moon.

Lexus Zero Gravity
Rad Lexus motorcycle concept is, uhh, rad.

I don't know if humans will ever live on the moon, but if we do, I hope the vehicles are as neat looking as some of these Lexus concepts.

The luxury brand released images of its moon mobility vehicles on Thursday after art and fashion magazine Document Journal requested its participation. At the time, Lexus was hard at work on the LF-30 concept, which previews a future electric vehicle from the company. Thus, the vehicles seen here take a lot of inspiration from the concept car.

And all of them look like they could have a place in the an upcoming Halo game. There's the podlike bouncing moon rover that can jump in low-gravity situations, the rocketlike Cosmo with looks that 1960s car designers ogled over, and the winning design, the Zero Gravity. The designs didn't exactly need to be a car, and Zero Gravity is more of a futuristic ATV or motorcycle. The Lexus spindle grille is supposed to be the focal point, but in a reimagined way. No word on if you have to dress like a Power Ranger to ride the contraption, however.

The Moon Racer is one of the more carlike designs, with chunky wheels and a sleek roofline, as is the Lunar Y. The latter instead screams "Lexus off-road monster truck," but in a cool way. 

Don't expect any real-life concepts from these designs. They were merely design exercises to express how humans might get around in a far-away future. If we do get to colonizing the moon or some other planet, I call dibs on the Cosmo.

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