Lamborghini built 14,022 Huracans in half the time it took for the Gallardo

Lamborghini's formerly-most-affordable car is largely responsible for its incredible resurgence in the past few years.

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Lamborghini's cranking out Huracan's like it's going out of style, surpassing the Gallardo's 10-year production total in just half the time.


It might not surprise you to know that is kind of a small company, and frankly, it doesn't build that many cars. Still, it's making more cars now than it ever has, and that's evident in the fact that -- according to an announcement made by the company on Monday -- it managed to surpass the total number of its  10-year production in just 5 years with the Huracan.

Impressive sounding, isn't it? Well, that five-year production total amounts to just 14,022 cars. Yep. For comparison's sake, that's less than three weeks' worth of production for , and we'd hazard a guess that it's less than a day's total output for a company like .

Still, the Huracan's massive (by Lamborghini standards) success has afforded the company a lot of opportunities to do cool stuff that it could never dream of 20 or 30 years ago, such as building an SUV, setting a Nurburgring lap record, or considering participating in the top class at Le Mans.

Lamborghini has further managed to increase its sales by 96% over 2018, and that's pretty wild. It's also a pretty good thing if the rumors about planning on separating Lamborghini from the VW group and giving it an IPO are true.

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