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Kia prepares electric Niro concept for CES 2018

Its booth will also have concepts touting semiautonomy and an embedded 5G connection.


Hyundai has the Ioniq, which offers three different electrified powertrain options. Its sister company, Kia, has two-thirds of the same equation with the Niro. But the two are soon to reach parity, thanks to a forthcoming CES concept.

Kia will unveil the Niro EV concept at the 2018 CES show in Las Vegas next week. While it's only a concept for now, Kia promises that it will preview "future mobility and technology strategies," so it's safe to assume that this concept could very well reach production, with its other innovations extending to models beyond the Niro in the near future.

I'm on board with the light-up grille, so long as I can have it display vulgarities toward left-lane hogs. It's for passing only, people!


For now, Kia's only saying that the Niro EV concept will be electric (duh), offering no specs beyond that. Based on the teasers we've seen, the front lighting makes its way into the grille, something that Kia calls a "motion graphic lighting system."

That's not the only ace up Kia's sleeve at CES. The automaker will also have three "cockpit-style" concepts in its booth, which will preview other types of auto tech soon to reach the market. In addition to beefier driver-assistance systems, the concepts will explore human-machine interfaces and 5G in-car connections, which would allow vehicles to handle more cloud-based data than is currently possible.

Expect to see 5G all over the damn place at CES, both from automakers and from other consumer-tech companies. You can also expect to see Roadshow all over the damn place at CES, because we'll be on the ground investigating Kia's booth and everything else that automakers and tech companies have to offer.

In case you're wondering how we know what it's called, the name is right there on the back.