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Kia: 11 electric cars coming by 2025, first EV comes in 2021

Kia already sells the Niro EV, but this 2021 model will be its first "dedicated" EV not based on an existing car.

Kia badge promo
Kia is bringing on the EVs.
Mike Cutler/Roadshow

Kia, like so many other auto brands, is going big on electrification. Not just hybrids or plug-in hybrids, but battery-electric cars at that. The brand said this week that it has a total of 11 electric cars in the works as part of what it called "Plan S."

The roadmap will see Kia invest $25 billion to develop the 11 electric cars and it targets 500,000 EV sales by 2026 globally. The US is very much a part of the plans. We won't have to wait long to see what Kia's electric future looks like, either.

The first EV is planned for 2021, though Kia didn't share any other details on what form it will take. We do know the company is eying the Imagine concept for production in Europe, based on previous comments from an executive. It's not clear if it directly previews an EV for North America, however.

Yet, Kia isn't abandoning the internal combustion engine. In fact, part of the goals outlined in "Plan S" include raising sales figures of cars powered by traditional fossil fuels. Mobility services are also a key factor in Kia's expansion. But it sees the EV shift as its time to shine with young car buyers who have a good outlook on Kia's reputation. Translation, Kia is looking at Millennials and Generation Z.

With the first EV on the way next year, we won't need to wait long to get a look at the car. We'll likely see the unnamed and mysterious vehicle debut later this year, or perhaps early next year. And with its introduction, the EV space will only become more crowded. Ford will launch its Mustang Mach E SUV, Volkswagen will have its ID 4 on sale and Chevrolet should have a Bolt-based crossover on the market.

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