Karma teases new Pininfarina concept car for Auto Shanghai 2019

It's one of three new things to expect from Karma Automotive this year.

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Pininfarina is responsible for everything from classic Ferraris to those wild, 100-flavor soda dispensers.

Karma Automotive

Karma Automotive, the automaker that sprung forth from the burnt hunk of assets formerly known as Fisker, has been making do with a slightly tweaked Fisker Karma, which it calls the Revero, and little else. But we'll get a glimpse at the future in April, and we've got a teaser to hold us over for now.

Karma Automotive put out its first Auto Shanghai 2019 teaser today. It previews a concept car that was designed with the help of famed automotive design house Pininfarina. The teaser doesn't offer much, save for some very wide proportions, two distinct lines on the lower front bumper that give off a little bit of a Supra vibe and a nice set of LED running lights.

The partnership was first announced in January. By leaning on some very well known help in the design department, Karma CEO Lance Zhou said that the automaker should be able to speed up its product development and deepen customer personalization options.

That's only one part of the equation, though. Karma has three vehicles to debut at Auto Shanghai, a triumvirate the company calls the Shanghai Big Three. In addition to the aforementioned concept car, Karma will also show off the battery-electric Karma Vision concept, as well as a much-anticipated successor to the current Karma Revero.

Auto Shanghai 2019 kicks off on April 16.

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