Karma will give the world its Big Three at the Shanghai Motor Show

The brand has only produced one car up to this point, the reworked Fisker known as the Revero, but that'll soon change, its CEO says.

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This teaser from Karma shows us that the company will have big (butted) things coming to Shanghai in April.


Remember the brand Karma? You know, that company that bought the rights to make what used to be called the Fisker Karma, which is now called the Revero? Right, well despite quietly improving on the original Fisker design for a few years, the company has decided it's high time to debut some new product, which it announced on Tuesday.

That's why it's planning on whipping out three all-new vehicles at the Shanghai Motor Show in April, which it's calling its Shanghai Big Three. Now, Karma is being cagey about what exactly we can expect beyond there being a new generation of Revero and something called the Vision concept, which, despite its boring typical concept name, actually looks cool in the teaser image that Karma provided (above).

"Taken together, Karma's Shanghai Big Three represents our transformation from an old-value car manufacturer to a company building long-term value in part by becoming an open-platform luxury high-tech automotive incubator," said Karma CEO Lance Zhou, in a statement.

Now, we're not entirely sure what Zhou means there, but the three vehicles that Karma will unveil are part of its "New Dawn" product plan that the brand says will see it through the next decade. When you consider that Karma is already partnering with legendary Italian design house Pininfarina, it might not be out of line to expect some cool stuff from the startup going forward.

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