Karma Automotive and Pininfarina are partnering up

The two companies are teaming up to expand Karma's design portfolio and customization options.

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While it wasn't explicitly stated, we're hoping the Pininfarina partnership yields a replacement for the old-ass Revero.


Karma Automotive announced on Thursday that it would be teaming up with legendary automotive design house Pininfarina in a partnership that Karma CEO Lance Zhou promises will accelerate his company's product development and customization options for customers.

This partnership is part of Zhou's "Value-Forward" business plan for the Karma that will see the company acquiring tech and IP where possible and partnering with other companies to help bring new products to market. This is kind of in line with its current mode the Revero, which we formerly knew as the Fisker Karma before that company went under.

"The agreement with Karma represents another important step in the growth strategy of Pininfarina in the North American market, following the opening of our new design center in Los Angeles," said Silvio Pietro Angori, CEO of Pininfarina, in a statement. "With Karma, we share the same passion for beauty, exclusivity and innovation, always in the name of environmental sustainability."

The companies anticipate the first products created as a result of the partnership to be released sometime in the second quarter of 2019 and we're kind of hoping its a replacement for the now 7-year-old design of the Revero.

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