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Jeep turns tables on Jurassic World's T-rex in Super Bowl ad

Jeff Goldblum is back in a Jeep in the Costa Rican jungle with an axe to grind in Jeep’s second Super Bowl spot.

Even if you're not the kind of person who gets all hot and bothered by the sight of a Jeep, the YJ-series Wrangler Saharas featured in "Jurassic Park" were undeniably cool. Jeep is hoping to capitalize on that (and millennials' deep-seated love for Jeff Goldblum) in what is already one of the best ads to come out during this year's Super Bowl.

In it, we find Jeff reliving the nightmare of being splayed out in the back of a '92 YJ-series as he, Muldoon and Dr. Sattler struggle to outrun a T-rex, only to have that old YJ replaced by a brand-new JL-series 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and all of its modern conveniences. Dinosaur-blocking power windows? Check. LED headlights? Check. How about a modern powerplant? You betcha, as we see Mr. Goldblum drop back and turn the tables on the now-terrorized tyrant lizard.

Spoiler Alert: In the end, it's all a fantasy, as we're transported back to our friendly, local Jeep dealer where the Goldblum tells the sales lady what she can do with her "Test Drive." This must mean that after Jurassic World's hot-and-heavy Mercedes placement, Universal is trying to diversify its bonds. We don't care; we just have a strange urge to get to a Jeep dealer, and maybe listen to some piano...