Jeep Gladiator from the Bill Murray Groundhog Day Super Bowl ad is for sale

Despite the star power, the dealership hasn't put a premium on the pickup.


Jeep aired what was perhaps one of the star commercials during this year's Super Bowl: its Groundhog Day-inspired Gladiator ad, in which Bill Murray returned to reprise his famous character. Naturally, Jeep hopes the commercial will spur Jeep Gladiator sales, but a local Michigan dealership will do you one better.

Moore Motors in Caro, Michigan, is home to one of the Gladiator pickups the Jeep brand used for the highly praised ad. Murray and a real-life groundhog can be seen motoring around in the pickup throughout the commercial. Local publication Tuscola Today first reported the story earlier this month.

Jeep Gladiator from Groundhog Day Super Bowl commercial for sale

This is it, Jeep, Groundhog Day and Bill Murray fans.

Moore Motors

The dealership confirmed with Roadshow that this is, I'll say, the "star" Gladiator seen most often in the ad. Jeep quickly sourced the Gladiator and shipped it out to Woodstock, Illinois, for the commercial. Murray supposedly only agreed to the commercial a few weeks prior to the Super Bowl, which made the entire operation a quick one.

The scenes with Murray driving the Gladiator with the groundhog feature this pickup. Additionally, it appears in the scene where Murray straps a helmet on his groundhog buddy. Moore Motors told Roadshow the Gladiator even returned with some groundhog hair left behind after filming wrapped up.

Although there's some pretty big star power behind this Gladiator, the dealer isn't placing a premium on it. At the time of this writing, the dealer's website advertises a $57,350 MSRP before incentives, delivery charge, taxes and the rest of the new-car-buying shebang. According to the dealer, a buyer from Ohio is currently in the process of purchasing this particular Gladiator. I didn't think this one would last long.

Originally published Feb. 24, 8:39 a.m. PT.
Update, 10:16 a.m.: Adds detail from dealership.

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