Tesla will be included in J.D. Power initial quality survey for the first time, kinda

Because Tesla won't grant permission to J.D. Power to survey its owners, the results will be published but not included in the official rankings.

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Tesla has never been included in the J.D. Power initial quality survey, until now.

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The J.D. Power initial quality rankings are a big deal, both for automakers and prospective car buyers. Despite the brand's popularity, the survey has never included Tesla owners -- until now.

The initial quality survey polls vehicle owners about problems they've had with their vehicles during the first 90 days of ownership, and that data is broken down into a score called PP100 or problems experienced per 100 vehicles. In order to survey these owners in some states, J.D. Power has to secure the express permission of vehicle manufacturers, all of which have agreed -- except Tesla.

Now, Tesla hasn't miraculously changed its position on the matter (not that that's surprising given the brand's struggle with build quality over the years), so J.D. Power is circumventing the brand and reaching out to owners directly in states where it's legally allowed to do so. This change in methodology means that Tesla won't receive an official score in the rankings, but it will be a helpful indicator for those looking to buy one.

Now, to be clear, J.D. Power hasn't released the results of its survey yet -- that won't happen until June 24 during a webinar -- but we're very curious to see what the numbers look like and maybe more importantly, what Tesla's reaction is to them.

Keep an eye on Roadshow to see our breakdown of the J.D. Power initial quality study and Tesla's first score.

Tesla didn't immediately respond to Roadshow's request for comment.

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