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Jaguar Land Rover unveils Carpe car subscription program

It's a single-car subscription plan with zero mileage restrictions.

2018 Land Rover Range Rover Velar
Chris Paukert/Roadshow

Some car subscription programs let you trade vehicles when you feel like it, while others lock you in to a certain vehicle for a set amount of time. Jaguar Land Rover's new program falls in the latter category.

Carpe, as in carpe diem, is Jaguar Land Rover's new subscription program. Only available in the UK for now, users will pay a set, all-inclusive price and have access to a single vehicle for 12 months. The subscriber will have the option to change programs every 12 months.

I doubt the program covers willful, wanton destruction of its cars, so make sure you know the fording depth before you just jam it into a river.


Pricing starts at £910 (about $1,200) per month for access to a standard Jaguar E-Pace compact SUV, and it tops out at £2,200 (about $2,900) per month for a Range Rover Sport HSE. The prices do not include value-added tax, but they do include service, maintenance, insurance (through Allianz), roadside assistance and delivery. As for mileage, it's unlimited -- drive wherever you want, whenever you want without risk of penalty. No deposit is required, but putting one down will reduce your monthly payment.

JLR also offers a wide variety of vehicles between those prices, including the Range Rover Evoque (£980 per month), Jaguar XE (£1,200), Range Rover Velar (£1,255) and Land Rover Discovery (£1,550).

A spokeswoman for Jaguar Land Rover demurred when asked about expanding the program beyond the UK, saying only that the next stage involves gathering feedback from users. Expansion could very well happen if Carpe is well received in the UK and buyers in other markets signal interest in something similar. With automakers like BMW, Cadillac, Porsche and Volvo starting their own programs, this segment is beginning to heat up quickly.

If you'd like to learn more about fledgling car subscription programs, head over to our comprehensive guide on the topic, which will walk you through all the currently available subscription programs and their various requirements.