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Jaguar I-Pace's one-make race series is dead

The I-Pace eTrophy Series won't return alongside Formula E, thanks to the coronavirus.

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Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy

Formula E remains on an indefinite hiatus.


After just two seasons, the Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy Series will call it quits. The British automaker's supplementary Formula E series will finish after this season after a review of current plans amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Jaguar Racing made the announcement Tuesday but said it remains committed to its Formula E team. Right now, Formula E remains on an indefinite hiatus as the world sorts out life amid the spread of COVID-19. The eTrophy Series may not even resume at all this year if Formula E doesn't return. Thus, I-Pace race car drivers may not get any more seat time at all.

The support series garnered a lot of attention at the start since the cars ran on the same circuits as Formula E's e-Prix races. It also gave the Jaguar's electric SUV some well-deserved exposure, because it's actually quite good. Alas, motorsport is a tough investment, especially as Jaguar-Land Rover tries to dig out of a less-than-great financial situation.

Nevertheless, the automaker underscored the learnings it took from the series that made their way to the production I-Pace, including a software update for owners that boosted the battery's range by 12 miles.

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