Jaguar I-Pace gains more range, thanks to learnings on the racetrack

Jaguar runs a one-make series for the I-Pace electric crossover, and it's already learned quite a bit from the series.

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More range is never a bad thing.

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Motorsport has always been one of the best ways to test new technology for eventual implementation in road vehicles, and that's still the case when it comes to electric cars .

The Jaguar I-Pace, star of I-Pace eTrophy one-make racing series that runs alongside Formula E races, is now eligible for a software update that will increase real-world driving range and improve the thermal and all-wheel drive systems. Clearly, running the electric crossover at its limits produced areas for engineers to focus on.

Drivers will unlock an additional 12 miles of range with the software update. said this is because it discovered the battery can run to a lower state of charge without consequences in durability, drivability and performance. All of this gives an estimated 234 miles of range with the same 90 kWh battery.

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The AWD system tweaks include changes to the torque distribution when drivers run in Eco mode. It still provides true all-wheel power, but there's greater efficiency now. For thermal management, the active radiator vane system will play a bigger part. They'll close more often for better aerodynamic performance and keep operating temps under control.

Two other small changes are included, too. Regenerative braking will now return even more energy to the battery, while a computer algorithm will return more exact range estimates for owners while driving.

It's fair to say we'll see even more updates as the eTrophy series continues. For now, owners can pop into their local Jaguar dealer for this latest update.

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