Jaguar has a baby F-Pace on the way, and it's called E-Pace

It's not to be confused with the I-Pace, which is the electric one.

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Take the F-Pace and the XE, mix 'em together, and this'll be what comes out.


Jaguar's naming structure is about to get a whole lot more complicated, thanks to the E-Pace, which is not the same as the I-Pace.

Just as the XF sedan and F-Pace crossover occupy the midsize range of their respective segments, the E-Pace will act as a compact counterpart to the XE sedan. Jaguar's first teaser looks at the rear end, which has some sharp lines and taillights that look like they've been plucked right off the XE sedan.

While the name sounds a little futuristic, it's not to be confused with the I-Pace, the battery-electric crossover that's still slated for production in 2018. That has not been seen in production guise just yet, whereas the E-Pace will be revealed in full on July 13.

Jaguar's a little light on the details for now, but it says the E-Pace will launch with standard all-wheel drive and a lineup of gas engines from the modular Ingenium family, some of which are also in the F-Pace. It will start at $38,600, which is a few thousand dollars below the cheapest (diesel) F-Pace. We'll know more when it launches in a few weeks.

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