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Jaguar's electric I-Pace hits the mean streets of London

And it's red now! Fancy.


Jaguar's I-Pace is more than just some high-dollar concept car that's incapable of tackling an ordinary road. In order to prove that, Jaguar took it to London.

The automaker doesn't have much to add about its electric concept, which is slated to become a production model in 2018. It did, however, offer some outlets the ability to take a quick spin. Neither Carfection nor we were there. Boo-urns.

It's hard to write about this car without invoking a whole bunch of crap cat puns.


To be fair, though, driving a concept car is not always fun. Super thin tires designed more for looks than for noise or vibration tend to make the ride all sorts of sketchy. Most of the interior parts are designed to sit still and look good, which means rattles and clanks and all sorts of fun noises abound with every road undulation. We took a ride in the Volkswagen ID concept recently, and it was... fun, but also nerve-wracking.

The I-Pace's specs remain the same as before. Jaguar estimates it'll achieve about 220 miles of range from its 90-kWh battery, which is a bit under the Tesla Model X. Electric motors on each axle will provide about 400 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque, and it'll scoot to 60 mph in about 4 seconds.

Customers can already register on Jaguar's site to be one of the first to pick up an I-Pace when it arrives at dealerships. That's still a ways off, and Jaguar probably hasn't even come up with a ballpark estimate for its price, but nevertheless, you can tell the company is proud of its creation. As it should be -- it can hustle, and it's easy on the eyes.

Jaguar unveiled this concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show with a trick VR setup that involved dozens of journalists coexisting in a shared virtual space while being able to check out the car, both inside and out. It was quite the unique experience, but there's a long trek from the HTC Vive to the dealership down the street.