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Italdesign's striking gullwing concept is named after DaVinci

The all-electric DaVinci shows off Italdesign's styling chops.

Italdesign Geneva Motor Show concept
Special ducting in the hood is one of the car's key design elements.
Chris Paukert/Roadshow

Italdesign's latest concept car, revealed Tuesday at the Geneva Motor Show, is called the DaVinci. The 51-year-old design studio says the car pays homage to Leonardo da Vinci -- in part because 2019 marks the 500th anniversary of the Renaissance polymath's death.

The Italdesign DaVinci is a dramatic coupe with incredibly long doors that, based on the sketch, appear to open upwards in dramatic fashion. It has a swept-back greenhouse leading into an almost Ford Mustang-like tail with wide fenders. Up front, the long, low nose has venting in it recalling the air inlets in the hood of the Ford GT. There's two-plus-two seating inside the compact cabin, with lots of Alcantara trim. And around back, the turn signals are made from six-segment OLEDs mounted inside the fascia.

The car is designed around an all-electric drivetrain, though Italdesign did say the vehicle is also capable of fitting a gasoline V8 if needed. Its design is, apparently, inspired by shapes from nature, with the goal of recalling the looks of classic Italian grand tourers. There are modern touches, however, like an active spoiler that wraps around onto the rear fenders, and various touchscreens within the cabin.

The DaVinci follows many other notable Italdesign creations, such as the recent Nissan GT-R-based GT-R50. Though it's not headed to production right now, the DaVinci is certainly an interesting looking design.