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Apple CarPlay, Android Auto standard in snappy new Infiniti infotainment system

And you'll get over-the-air updates, too.

Next-generation Infiniti InTouch

The dual-screen approach is still... interesting.


For 2020, Infiniti vehicles are in for a technology overhaul thanks to a new generation of the brand's Infiniti InTouch infotainment system. Nissan's luxury division detailed the latest system on Friday, highlighting numerous areas that should help the dual-screen setup get back in the game.

Foremost, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now standard. No options, no special trims, none of that necessary. Every Infiniti will boast the smartphone-mirroring systems, though they won't be wireless like Ford announced for its Sync 4 system this week. At the new system's core, it'll be a quicker experience thanks to a new processor and Bluetooth module. A new microphone will also pick up drivers' requests better.

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Those who spend a little extra on the infotainment system with loaded navigation will unlock a Wi-Fi hotspot feature, too. Infiniti said the hotspot will support up to seven devices, as the car provides the data connection. You'll need to pay for a certain data package to use the Wi-Fi capability. The factory navigation system further boasts more detailed maps with satellite, street and 3D views, courtesy of Google.

When it comes time to update the infotainment system further, the luxury brand has embraced over-the-air updates. When the car is at home and connected to a wireless network, Infiniti will be able to push updates to vehicles as needed.

Luxury vehicle shoppers will find the updated infotainment system on every Infiniti model on sale, save for the QX60. Ditto for the Q70 sedan since, well, it's not coming back for the 2020 model year.