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Infiniti heads to 2019 Detroit Auto Show with electric SUV concept

The SUV will offer an early look at Infiniti's future EV design language.

Infiniti is the latest automaker to fall prey to the "light-up badge" craze.


Infiniti teased its upcoming EV onslaught in the past with a slew of wildly styled concepts. But, at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show in January, its efforts should better reflect reality.

Infiniti will use Detroit as the backdrop to unveil a new concept electric SUV that the automaker claims will show off "a new design language for electrification." Until now, many of Infiniti's electric concepts, like the Prototype 10, have taken inspiration from motorsport -- this new crossover gives us a far more grounded look at what to expect from Nissan's fancier sibling.

Infiniti put out a teaser of the upcoming EV SUV, and it's lookin' sharp. The teaser reveals slim LED front lights above a light-up emblem and an illuminated "Infiniti" badge that spans a good chunk of the front bumper. No matter where you look, your eyes are met with smooth lines and curves, a departure from the hard-edged concepts that preceded this one.

At the show in January, we'll get a better idea of what Infiniti is doing with its all-electric platform. EVs don't require the complicated mechanicals that eat into cabin space, so the automaker promises "spacious and lounge-like interiors, rich in welcoming and assistive technologies."

The future is coming fast for Infiniti. The automaker announced a while back that it intends to electrify its whole lineup starting in 2021. Some vehicles will have hybrid variants, while others will be purely electric. Either way, it's good to see something a bit more production-focused from Infiniti, given how close its self-imposed date is. We'll find out more in Detroit early next year.