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Infiniti Prototype 10 concept lands at Pebble Beach with sleek EV style

This is yet more proof that EVs don't have to be boring.

Sure, it's not exactly practical, but admit it -- you'd daily-drive the heck out of this thing.

Infiniti's Prototype 9 concept from last year proved that the automaker can successfully take an old-school design and give it a proper 21st-century update. It appears lightning has struck twice, because Infiniti's Prototype 10 concept does the same thing, and once again, the automaker knocked it out of the park.

The Infiniti Prototype 10 concept takes a traditional speedster design -- a low-slung car without much in the way of windshield -- and jams it full of next-gen auto tech. It's basically a rolling promise from Infiniti that its future EVs won't forget about the fun factor while it focuses on efficiency.

The exterior is positively stunning, with little in the way of overly aggressive angles, which would spoil the speedster's sleek shape. The headlights must be as thin as Infiniti could make 'em, because they're barely there. Inside, there's a straightforward cockpit with little beyond a seat, a harness, pedals and a race-inspired steering wheel. Not much has changed from the design sketch Infiniti used as a teaser last week, and that's a very good thing.

Some automakers divulge specs for their concept cars, but Infiniti, sadly, did not. We do know that it packs an electric drivetrain, and it helps hammer home Infiniti's intention to offer electrified variants of all its cars starting in 2021. If you're hunting for an idea of what  Infiniti's future cars will look like, you probably won't find much here, but I suggest checking out this year's Q Inspiration concept from the Detroit Auto Show.

If you're milling about the Monterey area this week, swing on through the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance to get up close and personal with this retconned racer.