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Hyundai Santa Cruz gets official EPA-estimated fuel economy

It's pretty good, for a truck.

2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz
That aggressive styling and little truck bed make for less than epic fuel economy, but it still ain't bad.

Not content to let Ford's Maverick take up the whole news cycle, Hyundai's similarly small and awesome-looking Santa Cruz pickup now has official EPA-estimate fuel economy numbers, as of Monday. So, how does the Santa Cruz stack up?

"Santra" Cruz.


Well, it's not too bad, actually. Of course, it's not amazing either, but considering the inherent problems that trucks have from an aerodynamic standpoint, the Santa Cruz Turbo's 19 mpg city, 27 mpg highway and 22 mpg combined are nothing to sneeze at. Plus, things get a little better from there if you opt for the nonturbo model. 

The front-wheel drive version gets 21/26/23 mpg, respectively, while the all-wheel drive version strangely does better, with 21/27/23. We're not entirely sure why that's the case, so we asked Hyundai but didn't get an answer back in time for publication. Our only guess is that the all-wheel drive version might have taller gearing, which would eke out a little more efficiency on the freeway.

Also worth noting, purely for comedic purposes, is that someone at the EPA seems to have struggled with the spelling of "Santa," which means we're being treated to the mileage figures for the "2022 Hyundai Santra Cruz."

Hyundai's awesome-looking little trucklet is expected to arrive at dealers later this summer.

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