Hyundai recalls 437,400 SUVs for hoods that may open while driving

This isn't the first recall to address this issue, albeit not from Hyundai, and it probably won't be the last.

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Fishing for that latch under the hood after you've popped it can be annoying, but you'd be singing the praises of the secondary hood latch if your vehicle had a hood-related recall.

Hyundai issued a recall for 437,400 examples of the 2013-2017 Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport crossovers . It's unclear if the recalled vehicles are sequential on the assembly line, as Hyundai did not furnish build dates in its letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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If you notice a lot of play in your hood, even when it's supposed to be closed, your secondary hood latch might not be working.

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The issue relates to the secondary hood latch, which is the one that's released when you pop the hood -- the primary latch is the one you have to fish for. The actuating cable for the secondary latch may corrode and bind, and if it does, the secondary latch will remain unlatched, even if the hood is closed.

Obviously, this presents a big ol' safety hazard. The primary latch cannot be relied upon to keep the hood closed at all times, so there's a chance that the hood might open while the vehicle is in motion, provided the secondary latch is incapable of doing its job. Not only can the hood get in the way of forward visibility, it can smash the windshield if it contacts it with enough force.

Hyundai will inspect every recalled vehicle and replace the secondary hood latch cable. As with all other recall-related work, it'll be free for the consumer. Hyundai expects the recall to begin on June 30.

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